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[audio]Episode 43: Event Horizon
Matt is joined with Greatest Movie Ever host Paul Chapman to discuss 1997's Event Horizon
Keywords: Event Horizon
Downloads: 292
by Jonathan Zap
Keywords: event horizon
Downloads: 1,212
Keywords: Random-Walkers_Event_Horizon
Downloads: 39
[audio]CrossingtheEventHorizon - Jonathan Zap
By Jonathan Zap
Keywords: crossing the event horizon
Downloads: 604
[audio]TheAvod Episode 39: Promising Beginnings - Count Vardulon
In another packed show DM and the Count discuss such hot-button topics as new film Whiteout, why the Punisher is consistently the best comic book character, and the new season in genre television. Also be on the lookout for a special appearance by the DM's new feature!
Keywords: avod; vardulon; divemistress; punisher; supernatural; event horizon; whiteout
Downloads: 26
[audio]Sci Fi Watcher 045: Event Horizon - Say It Productions
Bryan and Corey head to the edge of the solar system for a search and rescue of the "Event Horizon". The guys will talk about this 90s film and see how it holds up against today's movies. They also, talk about the latest episode of "Fringe" and Bryan talks a little bit about "Cloud Atlas". They also talk about the latest trailers, and including Disney's acquisition of LucasFilms.
Keywords: Disney; Lucasfilm; Lucas; Star Wars; Aliens; Fringe; Event Horizon
Downloads: 102
[texts]The Riddle of Gravitation - Peter G. Bergmann
Peter G. Bergmann The Riddle of Gravitation John Murray London 1968 Acrobat 7 Pdf 9.06 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Physics; Astronomy; General Relativity; Event Horizon; Schwarzschild; Minkowski; Gravitational Waves
Downloads: 598
[audio]Star Trek Voyager Rewatch Episode 2 - Mission
In this episode, Voyager is trapped in the event horizon of a quantum singularity, and the crew needs to find a way out before the ship is destroyed. Meanwhile, Janeway needs to make a decision on a new Chief Engineer
Keywords: singularity; star trek; voyager; janeway; b'elanna torres; event horizon
Downloads: 672
[audio]Event Horizon - Science or Fiction - Channelzine
We discuss the science behind the 1997 sci-fi horror 'Event Horizon'.
Keywords: science; science fiction; event horizon; channelzine; cardiff; dimensions; black hole; neptune
Downloads: 942
[audio]The Hell To Breakfast Show 014 - Albetski/Kennedy/Trenholm
The boys give Hell in a Cell a serious talking to, then segway into more important matters, like movies that put Laurence Fishburne in space.Ryan and Brendan really didn’t care for the comic they read, and they’ll tell you all about why.Another drawing challenge goes out, and this one’s is a little better.Spoilers for Wolf Among Us Episode 2, Walking Dead Season 1, The Little Green God of Agony, Event Horizon
Keywords: WWE; Hell In A Cell; Event Horizon; Wolf Among Us; Comics; Webcomics; Podcast
Downloads: 19
[audio]MOV029: "€œYou Can'€™t Leave. She Won'™t Let You." - COL Media
Event Horizon, The Next Three Days, Heartless
Keywords: Elizabeth Banks; Event Horizon; Heartless; Jim Sturgess; Lawrence Fishburne; Noel Clarke; Russel Crowe; Sam Niel; The Next Three Days
Downloads: 12
[audio]PODCAST 129: Event Horizon & Day of the Dead 2 - Slaughter Film
Warning! There may be language used in this Slaughter Film podcast that is not suitable for all listeners.After seeing Interstellar, Forest is on a bit of a space kick, as he re-visits "Hellraiser in space" with Event Horizon. Cory picks a flick out of the blue and is less that impressed with Day of the Dead 2: Contagium.The horror duo also chat about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and their uneasy interpretation of the new Terminator: Genisys trailer...
Keywords: Slaughter Film; podcast; review; film; movie; horror; sci-fi; Event Horizon; Day of the Deat; Day of the Dead 2; Contagium
Downloads: 197
[audio]F This Movie! - Event Horizon
Go to Hell and back with Patrick and Heath Holland.
Keywords: event horizon; 2014 scary movie month; sam neill; laurence fishburne; sci fi movies; sci fi horror; 1990s horror movies; paul w.s. anderson
Downloads: 3,027
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Miscellaneous: darkspyre manual
VGMUSEUM: Miscellaneous: darkspyre manual
Keywords: borel; character; warmonger; armor; sword; weapons; darkspyre; magic; ardrl; weapon; event horizon; horizon software; hit points; spell points; magic skill; character screen; product support; overhead map; borel felt; weapon proficiency
Downloads: 11
[texts]VGMUSEUM: Miscellaneous: darkspyre alt manual
VGMUSEUM: Miscellaneous: darkspyre alt manual
Keywords: borel; character; warmonger; armor; weapons; magic; sword; darkspyre; ardrl; weapon; event horizon; character screen; spell points; magic skill; horizon software; hit points; borel felt; overhead map; borel began; weapon proficiency
Downloads: 7
[audio]Overly Opinionated Gamers - Ep, 4 - Noah Raynes
In this episode we look back at Dead Space 1 & 2 in preparation for the third release. In the second half we get into some of the best and worst of collectors edition video games, what makes some great, and what companies need to improve.
Keywords: Overly; Opinionated; Gamers; Wolfwood723; Redfox727; Dead Space; Issac Clark; Survival Horror; Xbox 360; PS3; Necromorphs; Plasma Cutter; The Thing; Event Horizon; God of war; Gears of War; Skyrim; Oblivion; Fallout; New Vegas; Halo; 4; Reach; Assassins Creed; Borderlands; Batman; Arkham City; Duke Nukem; Prey; Bioshock; Infinite
Downloads: 37
[audio]Overly Opinionated Gamers - Ep. 5 - Noah Raynes
In this episode we open with some news about the passing of Yoda's father, rumors of Star Wars off shoot films, Xbox 720, and delve into Super Bowl trailer spots. Part 2 focuses on a full review of Dead Space 3 single player campaign. Then in the final segment we get into an full spoiler discussion of Dead Space 3.
Keywords: Overly; Opinionated; Gamers; video games; gaming; Wolfwood723; Redfox727; Xbox 720; Xbox; 360; PS3; PS4; Nintendo; WII U; Star Wars; Yoda; Stuart Freeborn; G.I. Joe; Retaliation; Star Trek; Into Darkness; Iron Man 3; Fast 6; The Rock; Han Solo; Boba Fett; Dead Space 3; Dead; Space; 3; Review; Spoiler review; Issac Clark; Necromorph; The Thing; survival horror; Event Horizon
Downloads: 62
[audio]Everything Actioncast Ep. 23 "Karl Urbane" -
This week the trio of Zach, Chris and Joe discuss The X-Files, who they would want Ash to fight in Evil Dead 4, the appropriate level of buffness for Judge Dredd and their favorite versions of Satan in movies and TV. * Show and Tell: Chris catches up on Archer, Joe watched The French Connection 1 and 2 and Zach finished up Season 1 of The X-Files, checked out the fall premiere of The Venture Bros., and watched Dirty Harry week on AMC, The Iron Giant and Event Horizon...
Keywords: everything actioncast; podcast; episode; zach; chris; joe; archer; the french connection; dirty harry; the dead pool; the x-files; the venture bros; the iron giant; event horizon; priest; bruce campbell; captain america; judge dredd; karl urban; new release round up; devil; satan; south park; the simpsons; end of days; legend; the touch of satan
Downloads: 52
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 242 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 242 Through the Stargate: This time, the mystical portal leads to television adventure Scripting Spawn: Alan McElroy lives in Ohio but writes of Hell & its heroes Will Smith Speaks: Dressed to kill, he protects us from intergalactic scum Alien Family Values: Director Barry Sonnenfeld enjoyed making Men In Black Beyond Event Horizon: Smiling, Paul Anderson tells a science-fiction ghost story Conquering Kull: John Nicollela unveils Robert E...
Keywords: Starlog; magazine; science fiction; pop culture; Stargate SG-1; Spawn; Alan McElroy; Witchblade; Men in Black; Will Smith; Barry Sonnenfeld; Event Horizon; Paul Anderson; Kull the Conqueror; John Nicolella; Dark World; Dark Empire; Dark City; Jennifer Connelly; Starship Troopers; Michael Ironside; Disney; Hercules; animation; Susan Egan; Gene Evans; Shaquille O'Neal; Jurassic Park; The Lost World; David Koepp; Star Wars; Gary Kurtz; Melissa Kurtz
Downloads: 402
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 241 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 241 Marooned on Mars: Paul Mantee recalls life as an interstellar Robinson Crusoe Those Illegal Aliens: Rick Baker created them just to plague the Men In Black Goodbye, Zeus: Thunderbolt in hand, Rip Torn commands two movies Hello, Hades: James Woods & Nik Ranieri animate Hercules' slick foe All to Make Contact: Oscar-winner Jodie Foster finds a sense of wonder Watch Out for That...: tree...
Keywords: Starlog; magazine; science fiction; pop culture; Paul Mantee; Robinson Crusoe on Mars; Men in Black; Rick Baker; Rip Torn; Hercules; Disney; James Woods; Nik Ranieri; animation; Contact; Jodie Foster; Jay Ward; George of the Jungle; Starship Troopers; Clancy Brown; Jurassic Park; The Lost World; Jeff Goldblum; Event Horizon; Philip Eisner; Space Truckers; Stuart Gordon; The Outer Limits; David McCallum; Joseph Stefano; Star Trek; The Original Series; TOS; Herbert F. Solow; Gene Roddenberry; Batman & Robin; Jeep Swenson
Downloads: 406
[audio]Episode 11: Mike Dawson - Luke Annand
In this episode, I chat with Left Field Cinema host Mike Dawson about a wide range of films and filmmakers from Terrence Malick, Andrei Tarkovsky, Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino to the Back to the Future trilogy, Alien 3, Gone Baby Gone and even Event Horizon.
Keywords: Luke Annand; Mike Dawson; Left Field Cinema; Alien 3; Ivan's Childhood; Andrei Tarkovsky; Eyes Wide Shut; Stanley Kubrick; Chungking Express; Animal Kingdom; The Dissappearance of Alice Creed; The White Ribbon; Michael Haneke; Quentin Tarantino; Death Proof; Kill Bill; Jackie Brown; Katalin Varga; I Spit on Your Grave; remakes; Event Horizon; Solaris; slow paced films; Valhalla Rising; Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives; Terrence Malick; editing; Asian cinema; Hirokazu Koreeda; After Life; French cinema; German cinema; Fassbender; Bergman; The Thin Red Line; Amadeus; Auntie Mame; Back to the Future; Clerks; exposition; Gone Baby Gone; Confession
Downloads: 79
[audio]TVP Ep 22 We Heart Sam Neill - Trash Video Podcast
We have something to confess here at Trash Video… We love Sam Neill! The beautiful Roxy and not so beautiful Seth go over some of the best movies in his very broad filmography! The extremely underrated seaman thriller (honk, honk) DEAD CALM, Sam as a psychotic author in John Carpenter’s IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS, evil corporate vampire Sam in DAYBREAKERS, political satanic Sam in THE OMEN 3: THE FINAL CONFLICT and then we join Sam through his mental breakdown in the overly creepy POSSESSION fr...
Keywords: Sam neill; dead calm; jurassic park; the omen; omen 3; the final conflict; event horizon; new zealand; quentin tarantino; genre; possession; john carpenter; in the mouth of madness; baby murder; sutter cane; billy zane; nicole kidman; Podcast; Gore; horror; comedy; parody; movie reviews; VHS; VCR; 70's; 80's; 90's; video store; film; movies; cult; entertainment; sleaze; weird news; trash video; podcast; schlock; radio; video store; comedy; radio; pop culture; violence; low budget; horror movies; bloody; gore; horror; movie; reviews; directors; actors; film; cinema
Downloads: 145
[movies]MIT 8.224 Exploring Black Holes: General Relativity & Astrophysics, Spring 2003 - MIT OpenCourseWare
Study of physical effects in the vicinity of a black hole as a basis for understanding general relativity, astrophysics, and elements of cosmology. Extension to current developments in theory and observation. Energy and momentum in flat spacetime; the metric; curvature of spacetime near rotating and nonrotating centers of attraction; trajectories and orbits of particles and light; elementary models of the Cosmos...
Keywords: black hole; general relativity; astrophysics; cosmology; Energy and momentum in flat spacetime; the metric; curvature of spacetime near rotating and nonrotating centers of attraction; trajectories and orbits of particles and light; elementary models of the Cosmos; Global Positioning System; solar system tests of relativity; descending into a black hole; gravitational lensing; gravitational waves; Gravity Probe B; more advanced models of the Cosmos; spacetime curvature; rotating centers of attraction; nonrotating centers of attraction; event horizon; energy; momentum; flat spacetime; metric; trajectories; orbits; particles; light; elementary; models; cosmos; spacetime; curvature; flat; GPS; gravitational; lensing; waves; rotating; nonrotating; centers; attraction; solar system; tests; relativity; general; advanced
Downloads: 15,227
[audio]COD 41 Abortion Porn - Debra Wilkerson
It was a dark and misty road at 2 AM in the countryside outside of Petaluma. Debra's fingers are numb from the cold as she grips the steering wheel and drives toward her hotel where she will stay for her sistie's wake.  It's so cold, she's sporting a pair of glass cutters in her bra. Not even realizing that she is day dreaming of Kim Kardashian's recently released nude photos, she's startled to attention as she swerves to miss the barely visible ducks crossing the road. Filled with adrenaline ...
Keywords: It was a dark and misty road at 2 AM in the countryside outside of Petaluma. Debra's fingers are numb from the cold as she grips the steering wheel and drives toward her hotel where she will stay for her sistie's wake. It's so cold; she's sporting a pair of glass cutters in her bra. Not even realizing that she is day dreaming of Kim Kardashian's recently released nude photos; she's startled to attention as she swerves to miss the barely visible ducks crossing the road. Filled with adrenaline and; well... lust from her daydream; Debra asks Siri to call her fateful prayer line for a bit of prayer about her son's new-found interest in women in a certain condition. Siri continues to guide her to her hotel in the background. Before she knows it; she has arrived. Unfortunately; Debra couldn't find a hotel that would accommodate her seeing eye ducks on such short notice. Having no other option for the feathered fowl; dinner was delicious that night. Quack. She enjoyed herself more than Mama June at a NAMBLA convention. Allegedly. Getting little help from the prayer line; Debra calls a couple of local spas thinking a wrap and massage will help her feel better before the wake. Then she slips off her clothes and slips under the covers of her warm hotel room bed. Still feeling frisky from the BIG Kardashian reveal in Paper Magazine; she picks a number at random from the hotel phone book which turns out to be a Mormon establishment. Mark? How big is it; Mark? Getting no satisfaction on any front; combined with the lack of sleep; Debra slips easily into another psychosis. She calls a frozen treat establishment to order a special cake for her family doctor. Startled at hearing a familiar southern drawl on the phone; she snaps out of her schizophrenic mental state. It's like talking to family; she thinks to herself. Debra's Eyes flutter open as the sunlight through the hotel window partially bathes her naked form. She realizes; as her eyes adjust; that it was partially blocked by the two portly Chinese men staring at her from the other side of her first floor window. Keeping her composure; Debra sits up on the side of the bed closest to the window; slowly and deliberately crosses then uncrossed her legs Sharon Stone style; then stands and walks to the door. Debbie invites the men inside. They follow her never taking their eyes off of her saggy; wrinkled ass. Debra looks over her shoulder to be sure she had their attention. Then she widens her stance and slowly bends over. The men are alarmed when a bright spot of light flashes from the depths of Debra's posterior. A wind picks up through out the hotel room as Debra's secret is revealed to the two men. She is cursed with an anti-prolapse! Small; light items begin to shake and slide from all over the room toward the sphincter of doom. Curtains sway toward her. A virtual tornado of turbulence fills the room as everything not nailed down is sucked into the black depths of Debra's butt monster. The men; completely transfixed up to this point; realize they are being pulled into Debra's pucker palace. Before they can even react; they are pulled into the downtown brownie's event horizon to never return. Getting her composure back and feeling fully charged if not a bit bloated; Debra announces to the emptied room; That was NOT normal. Kim kardashian nude Debra calls a well known prayer line to get a little prayer request filled pertaining her son's newfound activities with a loose woman. #madonnaCDburning abortion porn. Reagan. Ice cream cake at Dairy Queen abortion cakeSenior citizen discounts for a working woman to get nails done. Men only. Massage? Back room full body. Duck duck goose. Petaluma massage. Chiffon girdle wrap. First spa treatment. Scented oils gift wrapped for sisters casket. Leo Laporte is laPortly. Duck scented candle. Snickers candle. Selling candles out of car. Credit card number. Duck lust. Son having sex with neighbors husband. They are all mad at Debra. Knitting chiffon girdles. Eating. Glass cutters. Mormons. Debbie gets sexy. How big is it mark?
Downloads: 479
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